RFID Village

RFID Village


Attendees can visit the RFID Hacking Village to learn about the security (not so secure) of RFID technologies like access control systems, payment methods, and other uses of RFID. Learn how to sniff, emulate and clone a card/badge to bypass access control system through hands-on interaction and break encryption to dump data.

Why learn about RFID?

Although RFID has proven to be secure than physical lock, still they are prone to basic cloning and counterfeiting security attacks which has been a potential barrier for adoption of RFID technology. A successful cloning of RFID tags has resulted in financial losses, sensitive information leak, access to confidential and restricted places which has caused damage to many commercial companies and businesses.

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About The Organizer

We are a hacker driven community and one of the most actively running DEFCON GROUP with over 500 members from around the globe. We have organized various CTF bootcamps, RFID Hacking Villages, Capture The Flags and a lot more at various conferences and meetups such as OWASP Seasides 2018, DC9111 0x02 Meetup to name a few.

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