Lock-Picking Village

Lock-Picking Village


Lock picking is the art of unlocking a lock by analyzing and manipulating the components of the lock device without the original key. Lock picking is like hacking, exploits flaws in the manufacturing process of lock making. Almost every household lock has these flaws. Lock picking is not rocket science and with a little knowledge and a decent set of lock picking tools, you’ll learn how to pick a lock quickly, lock picking is a non-destructive way to open a lock without using the original key. We in Bsides Ahmedabad, are introducing lock picking village where you will experience the thrill of picking the lock on your own. We are having a large set of different locks and toolsets. Join us in Lock Picking village to learn this art.


  • Working of Locks
  • Introduction to the set of picks
  • Lock-picking with the torque wrench
  • Pick resistance mechanism
  • Hands-on to lockpicking
  • Tips for advancing lockpicking skills

The village offered by Namrata Brahmkshatriya

Namrata Brahmkshatriya is a cybercrime investigator and trainer in State Crime Record Bureau, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. She is pursuing cyber law and practicing it in the session’s court. She is the chapter lead of Null Ahmedabad. She is the face behind Women Techmakers Vadodara. She is more into psychology research and social engineering. She has presented on lock picking and social engineering.

How to participate

  • Anyone willing to learn the new skill and practice it.
  • Hands-on should be performed after theory presentation.